Al Hussain Trading Company

Al Hussain Trading Company, a premier marketplace in Saudi Arabia for watches and jewelry, has been a cornerstone of luxury and elegance. To further solidify its position in the market, Al Hussain Trading Company partnered with Pro Web and App, a leading web design service provider, to enhance its online platform.


App Features

Revamp User Experience

Create an intuitive and engaging interface that reflects the luxury and sophistication associated with Al Hussain Trading Company’s products.

Expand Product Visibility

Ensure seamless navigation and presentation of the diverse product portfolio, emphasizing renowned brands and their unique offerings.

E-Commerce Functionality

Develop a secure and efficient e-commerce platform to facilitate online transactions and enhance customer convenience.

Al Hussain Trading Company faced the challenge of adapting to the dynamic digital landscape and meeting the growing demands of online consumers. The existing website did not effectively showcase the diverse range of products, including watches, jewelry, leather goods, and writing instruments. The need for a modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing website was imperative to maintain its reputation for delivering an unprecedented customer experience.


The collaboration between Al Hussain Trading Company and Pro Web and App yielded transformative results:

Enhanced User Experience:

The new website design elevated the overall user experience, providing a seamless and visually appealing interface.
Customers reported increased satisfaction with the ease of navigation and product discovery.

Increased Sales and Conversions:

The integrated e-commerce functionality contributed to a significant boost in online sales and conversions.
The secure payment gateway instilled confidence in customers, resulting in increased transaction completion rates.

Mobile Accessibility:

The mobile-optimized design led to improved accessibility and engagement, capturing a wider audience across various devices.
Mobile traffic and conversions showed a noticeable increase.

Brand Recognition:

The emphasis on renowned brands and their unique offerings enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty.
Dedicated brand pages became a popular destination for customers seeking exclusive products.

Pro Web and App


The collaboration between Al Hussain Trading Company and Pro Web and App demonstrated the transformative impact of a well-executed web design strategy. By focusing on user experience, e-commerce integration, mobile optimization, and brand emphasis, Pro Web and App successfully propelled Al Hussain Trading Company into the digital forefront, ensuring its continued success in the competitive market of luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods, and writing instruments.

The steps taken from the preliminary development considerations to the final release of the app.

  • We discuss the core problem the app will solve for the client.
  • Identifying the target user, mobile platforms and devices, and revenue model for the client’s application.
  • Designing the app which involves concentrating on the essentials features in UI and multi-touch gestures for smartphones with respect to the design standards.
  • We select the right approach for app development according to the time and budget constraints of the client.
  • Next we transform your idea into an application prototype keeping intact the basic functionality.
  • Recognize the beta testers, acknowledge their feedback and integrate the necessary ones.
  • We hand over the app to the client through strict deployment management ensuring the integrity of live environment is secure at all times.
  • Capturing powerful metrics for social sharing, funnel analysis, demographic data, time and location, and emergent behavior of the client’s user base.
  • Improvement is a never-ending process and we make regular updates in the client’s app with new, powerful features.
  • Besides the launch, we also offer clients some lightweight marketing endeavors to ensure that their app doesn’t get lost in the countless other names in the app stores.