GainSafe App Development

Now conduct instant or routine warehouse inspection by selecting a set of relevant questions ingrained within the app! GainSafe allows a secure and powerful warehouse auditing tempting users to reduce human errors and take relevant steps to address a critical situation. The app idea is to revolutionize the food operation auditing and keep every items on the list in check and ensure quality is always met. The app works as a top management time allowing users and related professionals to stay free from controlling the operations and other audit tasks.


App Features

Locate issues

Acquire detailed reports with all the issues included related to warehouse auditing! Users can learn how to reduce human errors, take relevant steps for handling a situation, and improve the overall process of warehouse inspection.

Play a warehouse admin

Professional warehouse inspectors can enter all the required details in the web admin panel and conduct a routine or instant inspection. Being a warehouse admin, you’ll be able to identify gaps in your operations and make decisions accordingly.

Improve infrastructure

It’s about evolving your overall business and performance management practices! Users will understand how warehouse inspection will improve the infrastructure, processes, assets, and operational compliance of their business.

Easy to use

The app provides easy access for users to enter their details and acquire quality, detailed inspection reports.


Comprehensive reports
Users will be notified with the most relevant, productive data compiled in the form of comprehensive reports without any delays.


Instant inspection
You can use a set of built-in relevant questions in the app to conduct an on-the-spot warehouse inspection.


Reduce human errors
Refine your overall auditing process and reduce the probability of occurrence of common errors and failure instances.



APP UI/UX Design

The steps taken from the preliminary development considerations to the final release of the app.

  • We discuss the core problem the app will solve for the client.
  • Identifying the target user, mobile platforms and devices, and revenue model for the client’s application.
  • Designing the app which involves concentrating on the essentials features in UI and multi-touch gestures for smartphones with respect to the design standards.
  • We select the right approach for app development according to the time and budget constraints of the client.
  • Next we transform your idea into an application prototype keeping intact the basic functionality.
  • Recognize the beta testers, acknowledge their feedback and integrate the necessary ones.
  • We hand over the app to the client through strict deployment management ensuring the integrity of live environment is secure at all times.
  • Capturing powerful metrics for social sharing, funnel analysis, demographic data, time and location, and emergent behavior of the client’s user base.
  • Improvement is a never-ending process and we make regular updates in the client’s app with new, powerful features.
  • Besides the launch, we also offer clients some lightweight marketing endeavors to ensure that their app doesn’t get lost in the countless other names in the app stores.